You will be provided

  • The most current security and protection of your information.
  • A streamlined series of yes/no questions to help identify what information is most relevant to you to populate.
  • The ability to update or add to your memoir in real-time.
  • An online digital vault that can be accessed and changed by the user at any time.
  • Digital storage of your information (up to 5GB).
  • An organized PDF document for your confidant to have the direction and information they need when you are not available.
  • Email and chat support.

Peace of mind for today and tomorrow for only $75 annually

No credit card required upon enrollment.

Once the retrieval is successfully completed, we permanently purge the account data after 30 days. We will only preserve the user profile information, confidant information, retrieval information, and data of reminder emails sent to the confidant to maintain a paper trail. The rest of the data will be permanently deleted from our database. The following data will be saved in our system even after account retrieval:

Below is the list of valid documents for retrieval. These documents will be verified by the My Macro Memoir® team before granting full access to the confidant:

Basic access is defined by My Macro Memoir® as providing the following information immediately after a retrieval request is made by the user-designated confidant: